My Fad Imagination

Credit : Google

Do you know what the most thing I hate about going to the dentist? Yes, you are right. The very very long waiting. Like today, I have been waiting for more than an hour and the dentist hasn't come yet. Meanwhile, there are a lot of patients who wait for him. And, I become confused between waiting for him or going home. Well, I have already here. It's late at night and I have already left my children at home alone. If I go home, so I have to come back tomorrow or the day after tomorrow or another time. And I have to queque again and repeat the uncertainty like this night. Oh my God... sometimes I wish I can install or remove braces by myself. I wish  dental care can be done by computer. Just type what you want to do and press the enter button, then it's finished. Or just point which teeth that need to be treated and repaired, choose the picture of the tools you have to use and press the enter button, then finish.  I  think it can help many peoples both the dentist and the patient. They will not waste a lot of times, energy, and money.  But unfortunately it can't. Just ignore it. This is just a fad and my imagination because I waited too long. Just thinking  if in this computer and internet era, everything could be created and completely by computer or internet, that must be really awesome. Sometimes I was wondering, did the dentists had time to rest? Dentists are also a human who need to rest and gathering with their family or friends. I wish you always be healthy and blessed because of your sacrifice and dedication to treating others. Or maybe you should arrange a schedule so that all patients can be served well and you can be more focused too. For examples, on Monday you served patients in A place, Tuesday in B place, etc. So, your patients have the certainty when to come. Once again, I'm so sorry, this is just my fad imagination. And finally, I decided to go home because I'm too tired to wait and too late at night. I don't know when I'll be back again. And  it seems I have to repeat the uncertainty again when I return. And may be I will  have another imaginations and make another story later.