White and Blue Story

Koleksi Pribadi

It was last afternoon at that time. The school has begun to quiet. There were only some students who still around the school. After following an extracurricular, I was sitting under the tree in the school yard. I was waiting for my classmate, Winny. She told me to wait for her after extracurricular.

We used to go home together after school because our house was in the same way. It had been 30 minutes late but she hadn't appeared yet. I started to fretful. I didn't want to go home late. My parents would be worry for me. I was about leaving school when Winny came.

"Hurry up....!" Winny pulled my hand.
"Where are we going?" I asked her while following her steps.
She didn't answer my question but she kept telling me to follow her. And then, we arrived at our class.
"What are we doing here, the class has already ended 3 hours ago?" I yelled at her.
"Ssst... be quite please! I had something for you!"
"One ... two ... three ... surprised... !" She shouted.
Then the door opened wide, all of my classmates came out from the class.
They said "Happy birthday dear Tita...!"
Then, my friend,  Tammy,  approached me with a birthday cake in her hands. "Blow the candles and make a wish!" Tammy said.

All of my friends clapped and wished me a happy birthday. I was so  touched by the surprised. I had never celebrated my birthday before and never hoped the celebration either. But  their sincerity and cheerfulness made me happy too. We ate the cake together happily.

Thanks a lot friends, I was so lucky to have nice friends like all of you.  Even though I don't know where you are now, but I will never forget our memories when we were still in white and blue uniform. Miss you all, my Junior High School's friends.