One Day in The Suburbs

One day, I went to my old friend's house in the suburbs. I had just met her in social media. After chatting and talking about the memory when we were still in elementary school and talking about each other, we had promised to meet up. I decided to visit her because she was busy with her children and she couldn't drive a car or another vehicles. I had never been to her house before, but I thought her house was not too far from the city that I lived and I could use GPS to help me show the way.  I was also asking her for the directions. I thought it was not too difficult to get there. I drove a car alone. The road was quite crowded at the first time. I could ask people when I was confused reading the GPS. But then, I arrived  at a quite street. There was nobody there except the high trees along the street. The GPS stopped. There was no signal. I couldn't call her. I tried to keep calm. I followed the directions that she had given to me before. But, It looked like I was lost. I didn't find any resident's house around the street. I saw a lot of trees ahead. I thought it might be a forest. It seemed like I was getting further from the place I was headed to. I began to panic. I turned back and decided to go home. I drove a car so fast. At least, I could arrived at  crowded place soon. But suddenly, the car stopped. It seemed the gasoline was running out. I was so nervous. I went out from the car. I ran as fast as I could. I should arrive at town before dark. I could back to take my car tomorrow. I saw a man in a distance. I felt a little relieved.  At least I could ask him for help. I chased and called him. "Mister... Mister...." but he didn't hear me. I ran faster and approached him and patted his shoulder. He turned his head but his face looked so creepy. I shouted in fear. I tried to run away but he pulled my hand. He looked at me sharply. His face looked cruel as if it would pounce on me. I shouted ... "help ... help... " then... I woke up. I breathed heavily. My body was so tired as if I had been exercising for hours. I sat down and thank God it was only a nightmare. The end.

Koleksi Pribadi

Note to myself :
1. Don't forget to  pray before sleep
2. Never go to unknown place alone
3. Make sure your vehicle in good condition and full of gasoline
4. Never stop learning and keep writing... fighting!

Happy reading... I'm waiting for your comments and corrections guys... Thank you for coming to my blog. See you....