Amazing 'Umrah'

Koleksi Pribadi

On February 2013, My Family and I went to Mecca and Madina for ‘Umrah’. It was our first time going to the places that every Moslem dreamed of. We were so excited, but my husband and I also felt nervous and worried,  because we took our children with us. We were afraid of the long trip, different taste of food, weather changes, and worship routine would make them fussy and interfere our worship. However, thank God, everything went smoothly. We could enjoy the ritual of worship and there were no significant interference. The weather was pretty friendly and we could find Indonesian food too. Besides, we enjoyed the city tour event. We could see a lot of beautiful places with the history of the cities.  It was really an unforgettable experience! I felt so comfortable and peaceful. Praying at the magnificent Nabawi Mosque with the beautiful umbrellas automatically opened when the air started to increase. Praying at Quba Mosque which the value of praying there is the same with doing ‘Umrah’. At Mecca, praying and walking around Kabah really made me trembling and felt so grateful. We were also visited the hill named “Jabal Rahmah” where prophet Adam met Siti Hawa. It was really great! It was not only indescribable by words, but also amazing!!  I felt that I had been blessed by Allah. Beside that, going shopping and culinary hunting were one of our favorite things to do. My family and I were very happy and enjoying the ‘Umrah’. Both worship and the city tour. Before going back to Indonesia, we were also visiting some other beautiful places at Jeddah, like Red Sea with the floating mosque, Qisas Mosque, etc. Well, I didn’t remember all the places that I had visited, but the memories and the desire to return were so big. May  Allah give  my family and I a chance to come back.