English Time

English time is a place for me to practice English. On this theme, I will make short article or just simple story using English. I've planned to make an English article or simple story once a week. But, it depends on wether I get an idea or not. This is my way to improve my capability in English. I hope it can increase my vocabulary and improve my grammar. Well, I realize that I'm not good in speaking and listening. So, with writing a lot, I hope it will affect my ability to speak English and become smoother. Of course, I still need a dictionary or google translate to find a difficult word or to get a right sentence. So, I'm so glad if you give me an idea or  corrections for my article or my story.

Why do I like to learn English? I learn it because  I really want to. Not for show off but because I think it's really important to me and to teach my children too.  English language is become an international language that used in every level, both at general conversations, in formal and in informal situations. This time, almost in all offices, universities, schools, and even in kindergartens have been introduced to English. Usually, there's one day in a week that required them to speak English. So, I think, it is very usefull for us if we are proficient in English. Especially in this era of globalization where competition to seek a job is getting tougher. Almost all job vacancies require proficiency in English. I hope my way to practice English can be succesfull.